Pacific Bearing® Corporation

Pacific Bearing supports emerging and established markets through its comprehensive group of brands. Each brand, whether product or company, can be counted on to fulfill the needs of customers requiring linear motion solutions. We manufacture shafting and bearing components that help build and sustain automated machinery in motion. We create actuator systems that solve complex problems in robotics and military industries. We engineer and integrate new possibilities into factories across North America and beyond. And, we aspire to gain your trust.


1960s: Pacific Bearing® began as a company called Prodo Mach Corporation, Inc. in 1962. That same year, Prodo Mach purchased the assets of the Precision Machine Shop, which was also located in Rockford, Illinois. The following year, Prodo Mach Corporation merged with Premac, Inc., which became its new name.

1980s: Pacific Bearing Company was founded by CEO Robert Schroeder in 1983, created primarily as the sales company for Premac, Inc. That same year, Pacific Bearing was officially incorporated and later merged with Premac, Inc., becoming one company under the Pacific Bearing name. During the 1980s, Pacific Bearing transitioned from a metalworking shop to a bearing manufacturer. This focus led to the invention of the first self-lubricating plain bearing (Simplicity®).

2000s: Pacific Bearing continued to increase its linear bearing product line, and in 2008, launched a new company name, PBC Linear, to better reflect their business model. Today, Pacific Bearing remains the parent company behind PBC Linear and LEE Linear, as well as its subsidiary in Germany, PBC Linear Europe GmbH.

Logo Iterations

Historical evolution of the Pacific Bearing Logo

Company Brands

PBC Linear Logo

About PBC Linear®

PBC Linear has been a trusted source for the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of a wide range of linear motion products, along with custom engineering services. Their product line is comprised of a core group of high-performance linear components that includes bearings, shafting, rail assemblies, and cam roller sliders.

They have built upon this strong foundation with sophisticated products that include lead screws and motor lead screw assemblies, actuators, Cartesian robotics, and mechatronics assemblies. The full line of products can be found in a variety of industries including printing and scanning, automated retail, medical equipment, lab automation, packaging, and military applications.


LEE Linear Logo

About LEE Linear®

LEE Linear is a leader in the production of linear motion shafting and components. They provide speed-to-market custom shafting that includes threading, diameter reduction, keyways, flats, plating, and more.

In 2013, Pacific Bearing Company acquired LEE Linear with the goal of bringing their shafting expertise and regional distribution under the umbrella of PBC Linear. Their facilities remained separate until 2018, when a decision was made to combine the functions of both companies at the PBC Linear headquarters in Roscoe, IL. After completion of the new factory addition, production equipment and personnel were migrated to the new consolidated manufacturing hub.


PBC Linear Europe GmbH Logo

About PBC Linear® Europe GmbH

PBC Linear Europe GmbH, located in Düsseldorf Germany, was founded in 2008 as PBC Lineartechnik GmbH, and is a subsidiary of Pacific Bearing Company / PBC linear. In 2019, they changed their name to PBC Linear Europe GmbH, and continue to expand their distribution of PBC Linear products into a majority of European countries.

They offer many of the same core products manufactured at the North American headquarters including our signature Simplicity plain bearings, gliding surface technology, roller bearings and guideways, and actuator technology. European customers can expect the same attention to quality and service.


PBC Linear Europe GmbH Logo

About Applied Cobotics

Applied Cobotics is a partnership platform that is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses automate their manufacturing floor. The brand is born out of the research and development wing of PBC Linear, also known internally as the Factory of the Future program.

Applied Cobotics offers products and services related to collaborative automation. Products include several cobot options, unique Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) technology, two and three finger grippers, and customized handling tools. Together with custom 3D printing options, Applied Cobotics can provide clients with a complete automation system that easily integrates into a wide range of manufacturing applications.


Product Brands

Simplicity Linear Bearings Logo

Economical Simplicity® bearings contain a patented liner that provides flexibility across diverse applications and extreme conditions. Launched 1985.

Redi-Rail Logo

Redi-Rail® combines precision rails and hardened gothic arch rollers to create a bearing system that provides high speed with moderate precision and loads within harsh conditions. Launched 1997.

Hevi-Rail Logo

Hevi-Rail® is a cost effective, high-load capacity linear bearing system that is ideal for industrial strength handling applications requiring low to medium precision. Launched 1997.

Uni-Guide Logo

Uni-Guide™ comprises a two-piece plain bearing assembly that is light weight, corrosion resistant, and easily integrates into a wide range of application sizes and environments. Launched 2000.

Mini-Rail Logo

The two-piece Mini-Rail™ offers a plain bearing assembly that is light weight, corrosion resistant, and compact to fit into a wide range of smaller spaces with corrosive environments. Launched 2003.

Integral-V Technology Logo

Integral-V™ Technology is an environmentally adaptable linear guide system that offers multiple variations of V-type rails and rollers for high speed, rigidity, and repeatable linear motion. Launched 2008.

SIMO Series Logo

The SIMO® (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) process uses synchronized cutters that machine all critical edges concurrently in one pass resulting in an extremely accurate product. Launched 2012.

Constant Force Technology Logo

Anti-backlash nuts utilize Constant Force Technology for precision lead screw applications, resulting in greater consistency in performance and life, and a greater resistance to backlash. Launched 2012.

60 PLUS Shafting Logo

Simplicity® 60 Plus® Shafting uses advanced process capabilities to maintain the ideal surface finish resulting in the longest life and highest performing shaft-to-bearing combination. Launched 1997.

Frelon Logo

Frelon® liners use compounds of PTFE and fillers for superior plain bearing performance, creating a self-lubricating intersection between bearing and shaft. Launched 1999.

Frelon Gold Logo

FrelonGOLD® is a type of Frelon liner that is standard on all Simplicity plain bearings from PBC Linear, and is compatible with hardened steel, ceramic coated, and stainless steel shafting. Launched 1999.